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Thank you so much for your interest in becoming a host family for one or more of the Okotoks Dawgs players. The Dawgs are thrilled to be a part of the Okotoks and Foothills communities and excited about another season at the Seaman Stadium Complex, the premier amateur baseball facility in the country. Let us begin with some basic background:

1. Dawgs season
Billets should be aware that the season is a short one running from the end of May until the middle of August. Accordingly, host families are required for Dawgs players beginning at the end of May and players will be leaving to return to college around mid-August.

2. Dawgs players
As you may have noticed from the website, a number of the Dawgs players are currently playing at universities and colleges as far away as California, New York, Louisiana and Texas. There is also a strong core group of Canadian scholarship athletes. But wherever these players are from they share one thing in common: they are combining the pursuit of their dreams in baseball with a commitment to completing their academic goals. This requires discipline and dedication and you will find that this translates into college players that are admirable young men. They are polite, respectful and grateful for our host families.

3. What is expected from the host family?
Because the Dawgs play approximately 58 games in 60 days, half of these on the road, the players will be away for significant stretches of time.

The principal role of the host family will be to provide accommodation. With the players at the field so much of their days and playing such an aggressive schedule, accommodation is first and foremost.

To a lesser degree, host families will be expected to provide some meals and transportation to Seaman Stadium when the team is at home. Again, with the number of games and travel, this should be a modest requirement.

To the extent host families can assist with transportation (for example, dropping a player off at the stadium) that would be helpful. For the most part, players tend to make their own transportation arrangements or ride bikes if available for them.

4. How many billets are required?
With a strong core of scholarship athletes from the Calgary area, billets are only needed for approximately 25 Dawgs players. If possible, it is preferred that players be “doubled up”, that is that host families take two players. Believe it or not, we have found this to be easier both for players and the host families.

5. What do the Dawgs offer host families?
Given the short season, Dawgs reimburse host families $1,000 per player per season for their expenses. In addition, host families receive two season tickets for all Dawgs home games. If there are any budding little league stars in the family, Dawgs players also serve as excellent mentors and coaches for some informal instruction in the back yard.


"What an awesome summer we had this year!!! We thoroughly enjoyed having ***** live with us this summer!! I'm already missing him. We are talking about going to Kentucky with his Mom and Dad when they go to visit. He is such a great guy. We also had the opportunity to meet some of the other players, all nice guys. I'm putting in our request to have him come live with us again next summer. Also, ***** wants to live with us next year too. I said they both could live with us next summer. Look at me now, two players!! I can't believe I was a little nervous about taking in a Dawgs player!! So sign us up for billeting the guys next season." Mona Larson

For more information or to register to become a billet contact our office at 403-262-3294 or email info@dawgsbaseball.com

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